A beautiful exception in the French language, the word Femme is distinguished by an E for Eternal which is pronounced A for Amour.

Some women, with a single glance, impose gallantry.

I saw you, then I looked at you, then I liked you and finally I admired you.

All the love songs could have been written for you.

Tonight the lady of the house is more lady than house.

You are the most beautiful image I have seen since I opened my eyes this morning.

Your look, your figure, your walk, one would follow you to the end of the world.

In springtime, girls’ laughter sounds like birdsong.

I remembered you as a beautiful woman, but my memory was still far below the reality.

When you appear at a party, it is not an arrival, it is an entrance on stage.

Your mere presence in this shop reconciles all men with shopping.

I don’t know if spring makes all women beautiful, but it works on you.

You are irresistible with casualness. What class!

For me, you were the beautiful stranger on this trip.

You may not have all the beauty you’d like to have, but you have grace, the greatest beauty of all.

There is a mixture of pulpiness, softness and finesse in you that triggers greed.


Living together

Each of us, like all of them, like no other.

We are born in a country, we live on earth.

Happiness can be cultivated. Unhappiness is something you grow.

It takes everything to make a world, it takes nothing to break it.

It is not because we are developing artificial intelligence that we should give free rein to human stupidity.

We no longer live in the present, we live in the omnipresent.

In the omnipresent, the future is too close to dream.

The more people we leave on the side of the road, the harder it will be to drive.

Are you an actor in your own life or an extra in the lives of others?

There is a big difference between staying young and not growing up.

All the old were young, not all the young will be old.

In life, there are the good living, the living, the survivors, and the dead living.

Life is well worth dying for.



Being first is more than a ranking, it is a state of mind.

A chief must be very good in some areas and excellent in all others.

In the face of the ‘never seen before’, you have to be like you never were.

Action distinguishes between two styles of character: one that likes to do things and one that likes to have things done.

The magnificent beauty of a man is in effective action.

Luck often depends on the strength of an intention.

Problems come more easily to those who seek them.

Often one hesitates between taking courage or putting it off until tomorrow.

Words and promises are believed, actions and progress are seen.

There is an intelligent way of arranging things so that they are not a dormant problem that the slightest unforeseen event will awaken.

Sometimes, posture reveals imposture.

When you are young, you stand up straight to puff out your chest; when you are old, you tuck in your stomach.

We are in the process of becoming until that dreaded tipping point when we realise that we will only be what we have been.

Class is elegance that doesn’t need fashion.

As the years go by, elegance becomes a way to fight the indecency of old age.

Life is amazing enough to sometimes slip perpendicular lines into its parallel worlds.

It’s a pity to be smart and have a stupid life.

To reveal the best requires confronting the worst.

One can be optimistic out of desperation.

If you can’t be remarkable, you can try to be noticed.

Photographing a person in a beautiful moment of themselves is either art or chance. A wanted or stolen moment. Talented elaboration or benevolence revealing what shines in each being.

In every desire for success, there is an appetite for revenge. If nature has given you the precious taste of the essential, success is not important, happiness is enough.

Living in ease brings many complications.

There are two ways of being ill, repeating to yourself that you are losing your health or persuading yourself that you will get better.

In the end, the advantage of money is that it guarantees that you will live until you die.

Just because we say “a happy idiot” doesn’t mean that all those who pout are intelligent.

All great projects start with a sleepless night.

Writing is talking across time and space.

A good book is a book that you can read on a building site without hearing the work.

Creative genius isolates us face to face with artistic emotion. It leaves no room for failure or uncertainty, it opens our eyes wide to beauty, allows contemplation, then closes them again to mystery.

What is the use of dreaming the sea, of dreaming the horses, if you do not sail or gallop while dreaming them.

From time to time, reality has more imagination than dreams.

In the country, dust flies, in the city, dust sticks.

Happiness needs no one.

To feel free like a young woman in a flowery dress on a sunny day.

There are two kinds of people in a hurry, those who do a lot of things and those who are always late.

To die of love, yes, but you have to find someone who is worth it.

To be a pioneer is to gallop down a side road and say, “He who loves me, follows me”.

The power of luxury is to disguise as a misunderstood diva a fat slut who spends €3,000 a day dragging her vulgarity around as a state of mind.

We think that everything expensive is beautiful, but no, there is a place for a vulgar “luxury attitude” which consists of proudly wearing something very ugly and expensive.

There are two addicts, the one who loses himself and the one who overachieves. Choose your side carefully. It’s a life choice.

The Nobel Peace Prize does not make up for the deadly price of war.

Silence can be synonymous with all emotions.



Some people think that the world belongs to them, I feel that I belong to the world. Two different journeys … in the same world.

To counterbalance its many disadvantages, the writer’s profession offers a major advantage: the possibility of working in bed.

More than a job, I have an adventure to live.

I may have stopped taking drugs, but the world still makes me hallucinate.

Between my dreams and reality, an elastic distance varying from a few microns to several light years.

Sometimes, caught in an absurd habit, I feel the old fart in me.

Perhaps stupidity will win, but I will fight until my death to make the world prefer intelligence.

I started to wonder about brain degeneration when I found the salt in the fridge.

I have nothing to hide, but there are things I don’t like to show.

I know that God doesn’t exist but sometimes he puts me in doubt.

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life being a broken promise.

The reason for the strongest begins with oneself. Who is the strongest in me? The one who wants, who knows, who moves forward and builds? Or the one who doubts, breaks, runs away and abandons?

For me, there is more difference between Hitler and Mozart, two Austrians, than between a black man and a white man.

Fortunately, I have abused everything in moderation.

Apart from women and money, nothing resists me.

And what if maturity meant taking possession of oneself? Putting on your body like a suit and guiding your mind like a horse.

Before digital tools, my two working tools were the blank page and the calculator.

Serenity begins when you make a pact with your own devil.

Some nights, when I go to bed, I don’t go to sleep, I pass out.