Centre des Congrès du Ministère de l’Économie – Bercy makes its industry.

As the coordinator of Industry Week, the DGE is bringing together a representative panel of companies, associations and training organisations for one day.

A thousand young people will be on hand to discover technologies, machines, guidance and career opportunities.

The morning has barely begun and three ministers are already there. Bruno Lemaire, Pap Ndiaye, Roland Lescure, in the middle of an effervescent cloud of high school students. The Minister Delegate in charge of Industry will spend the day talking with the exhibitors, the young people and their teachers, showing enthusiasm and curiosity. And throughout this event, the Fresco, which I designed with Safa Bacha and Benoît Gauthier, will confirm its formidable educational potential. Professionals, young people, teachers, and even the Minister, who carefully examined it, all agreed on this highly visual and structured cartography: it is a remarkable tool for understanding! The well thought-out distribution of sectors and the impactful icons give a 360° vision of an industrial world that is essential to society and open to all talents.

                                             With M. Roland Lescure, Minister Delegate in charge of Industry

To extend the success of these meetings, I am starting a tour of student presentations in December and webinars are being prepared. Whatever you do, always start by saying to yourself: it is possible.