Convention, seminar, panel discussion, award ceremony, festive evening, you choose the feeling : serious or fun.

In presenting on stage, two main targets :

➢ Spread the confidence before and during the event among the participants.

➢ Control the timing

The conviviality and the rigour, mixed with a large experience of corporate, allow me to play with two modes in presenting : serious or entertainment. Don’t hesitate to put some fun in your event !

etapes scene


Duets with an actress to propose the powerful efficiency of the news channels.

Our offer : A cool and smart tandem deploying on stage experience, charm, dynamism, sens of humor, confidence and spontaneity.

Teamed up, much more possibilities :

– Dupleix with the or another place,

– Sometimes, it’s useful to separate welcome, briefing of the participants and presentation,

– Precious alliance of technological skills and fantasy for complex demonstrations.


“Nous avons eu beaucoup de bons retours. Ta conduite de la table ronde a été très appréciée et a contribué au succès et au dynamisme de cet après-midi.”

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Table-ronde « L’archivage à l’ère du numérique »
“Vous avez été un bon maître de cérémonie.”

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