A modular Media Training programme, structured around the identity of the speaker.

In small group, in individual session, to prepare an event or a média presentation.

During 20 years of various animations, I acquired an in-depth knowledge of the three main situations of public speaking : on stage, in a meeting, facing the camera.

Gathering the best exercises of theatre, the advices of great orators and a multitude of experiences, I developed a modular and dynamic programme based on these three basic aspects of presentation : stage, meeting, media.

Target : To improve in practice the self-confidence and the vocal technique of the speaker, working on his «communicating identity», by focusing on essential elements such as breathing, look, gesture, speech rate.


"Merci beaucoup pour tous ces conseils et les documents. Depuis notre séance, j'ai réalisé mon discours lors de la cérémonie de remise de prix. J'étais stressée mais tes conseils m'ont beaucoup aidée. J'espère avoir l'occasion de continuer avec toi le Media Training."

Virginie Simon
Founder MyScienceWork

Préparation d'interview.
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